My wife and i realized that my mother of 87 years could not be alone any longer in her house. We started seeing signs, she would fall periodically, have loose medications placed throughout the house; eating sporadically and becoming dependent on us for meals, and other things.  We knew it was time for her to be with other people, for her to feel and be safer than she was.

I travel every week for work so I  started searching on-line for an assisted living facility place.  Like most senior adults, she had  specific amount  of income to use for an  Assisted Living.  I had very limited time, so my wife was helping my mother on a daily basis with ADL’s. So I started with the “A’s” and the first place I called was not in her income bracket; I knew this was going to be the “norm” and I dreaded hitting my head against the wall with each phone call.  Out of desperation I asked my mom’s primary care physician, Dr. Rose  if  there anyone they could recommend to help me with this process?

Her physician gave us Randy’s contact information to help be our advocate.  It was unbelievable, he took our anxiety level with this from a 100 to a 10. After a meeting and some questions he told us exactly what to do, step-by-step; he had a meeting set up with us, to tour several communities he had in mind, and all this after the first meeting….  Everything seemed to fall in place in less than one week,  Randy found Stonebridge Family Care,  that met  her income requirements, had a good rating with Dept. of Health Services and it was a great fit for my mom. Stonebridge located in the Phoenix metro area  reminded her of  the farm she grew up on, they actually have chickens and horses on property. Most of all,  I have peace of mind knowing she is cared for and safe..

I would recommend Randy to anyone that, like us, does not know where to start.  This could have been a long, horrific process, but instead, we had good, sound direction, and made our lives so much easier.  He was no short of a miracle that happened in real life for us.

Merle M.

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