So here we were, about 1500 miles away, after 9 PM our time and Mom needs our help NOW! What do we do? We started with phone calls and the Internet. We found a caregiver who was able to provide help within the hour. Then what? They gave us a name…”Mimi” and that was the best thing ever. Mimi” is a senior placement advocate “ she knows what she is doing from many past experiences and a big heart! Within less than a week, with Mimi’s help, we had Mom in a lovely, caring home that we never thought we could find in such a short time if ever. Mimi worked miracles compared to what we could have accomplished on our own. Her experiences paid off for us. We had worked with her on the phone and in person for five days before we found out we owed her nothing and she would continue to work for us with updates etc. She also guided us to information and services we would need to continue and use in the future. Thanks so much Mimi You are GREAT.

Les and Carolyn (son and daughter-in-law)

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