How Tony’s Rolodex Works



We are constantly asking doctors, nurses, discharge planners, social workers for advocates they refer patients to in specific communities. We treasure these recommendations because healthcare professionals trust the referrals they make.

Background Checks

We run comprehensive federal, state and county-level background checks on prospective referrals. We check Better Business Bureau ratings.


One-on-One Interview

We want to know our advocates’ experience, geographical focus, facilities they refer to and professionals who refer to them. Most importantly, we want to get a feel for the advocate, their passion for work with seniors.


We ensure our referrals comply with state licensure requirements where licenses are requires. We also require proof that advocates carry required liability insurance. 

Due Diligence

We verify our advocates background and talk to healthcare and senior care professionals in communities. We need to know they have a history of providing thoughtful and caring service to their clients .


When you request a referral. someone will contact you within one hour — usually your referral. If you need immediate help or want to consider a different advocate, call Tony personally 480-823-3455.