Advocate Services

Personal Assessment

Your advocate meets with your senior and family face to face (by phone only if necessary) to gauge care needs, budget and family dynamics. Together you determine whether Your Senior is best served by Assisted Living, Memory Care/Alzheimer’s Care, Residential Care Home, or another option.

Facilities and Visits

Because your advocate visits homes and facilities in your community regularly, he or she knows owners, managers, staff, pricing, licensure status, and most important, the level and quality of care. Based on that knowledge and your preferences, your advocate proposes places he or she thinks are the right fit. Then your advocate schedules visits and accompanies you on them, showing you what to look for, resident activity, staff behavior, mix of residents, etc.

Negotiations, Final Decision

Long term care is costly and prices and terms are negotiable. Your advocate has long standing relationships with facilities. He or she knows which facilities will negotiate and about what. Some accept lower rates if they have too many empty beds. Others will wait to be paid until a family home is sold. Others are open to arrangements allowing a Medicaid-eligible resident to move in now, while  waiting for Medicaid to kick in later. Your advocate also negotiates the terms of residency. Who is going to supply medications? Are additional aids allowed in the home? Pets? Transportation to doctor appointments?

Once negotiations are complete, your advocate facilitates the final decision making discussions. These decisions are tough.  There are many considerations involved.. Your advocate has been through this many times before and can provide unbiased, family sensitive guidance in this difficult process.

Move-in and  Follow-up

To ensure a smooth transition, your advocate coordinates communications between the family and doctors, nurses, social workers, case managers, discharge planners and fiduciaries, to make sure necessary documents are signed and information obtained including contracts. applications, doctors’ orders, medications lists and required TB tests.

Once the move has been completed, your advocate visits to make sure all is well.

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